Avocado Aficionado | Part III, Ready, Set, Get in my belly!

Hi all! Here's the final chapter on the basics of avocados. Here are Part I & Part II in case you've missed out!


Arriving at a perfectly ripe avo can be tricky business. This stuff takes patience. Here are some tips if you are desperate for some avo lovin' / want to prolong their shelf life:

  • Storing your avos with bananas (in a paper bag or simply next to it) will speed up the ripening process.
  • In contrary, place unripe avos in the fridge to slow down this process.
  • Keep ripe avos in the fridge. They will last 2-3 days.
  • If you're only using half, keep the pitt in its home to delay the oxidation and store it in the fridge (wrapped in cling firm of course).


P R E P P I N '  T H E M  A V O S

  1.  Slice avo vertically. Sink the blade straight into the middle until you feel the pit, then spin the avo around. 
  2. Twist the avo halves apart
  3. Gently tap the pitt with your knife
  4. Twist and lift your blade to remove the pitt
  5. Delicately slide your knife vertically on the skin a few times, creating lines for easy peeling, but not deep enough to score the flesh.
  6. Peel the skin off
  7. Slice the avo diagonally for beautiful strips. Plunge knife down and lift straight up without any sliding. Always hold the avo slices down with your thumb & forefinger whilst cutting. 


A chilled avocado, sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt + cracked black pepper is my go-to breakfast option, with or without its wingman – wholegrain toast of course. It’s so refreshing & satiating, setting the tone for an awesome day ahead.

Avos come in handy as an effective hangover cure after a night of crazy drinking (first-hand experience😅), so guys, ditch the pizza & nourish yourself with a bit of green goodness.

A great way to introduce creaminess into recipes i.e. mousse, smoothies. It gives you an increased portion of  fruit instead of dairy - remember your '5-a-day's?

Swap butter/cheese for avocado for your morning toast or sandwiches for a boost of healthy fats.

Guac. Need I say more?

W H A T ' S  W I T H  A L L  T H E  A V O  S T O N E  T A L K ?

There has been a lot of talk circulating the internet on how nutritious avocado stones are. It was suggested that crushing the seed into a powder form will allow you to access these nutrients.

My take on this theory is that avo stones may be nutrient rich (there's currently a lack of research in this area), they give a bitter taste, thus there are better and tastier alternatives to achieve the same benefits, through other nuts, seeds and fruits. However, If you don't mind the taste, by all means go for it! Zero food waste is always encouraged. 

Congratulations! You have officially become an avocado aficionado! *pats on back :)

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