Mont Blanc ╳ Tiffany Shek

Last month I had the opportunity to be in charge of The Health Station at 'The Bohem Way' event by Mont Blanc at the House of Madison, Hong Kong.  What a beautiful space it was! My role was to empower our guests to be / stay healthy in such a fast-paced city. Can you see all the goodies on the counter? There is an array of organic juices by CATCH ( Congrats on your 2nd shop in Landmark ! ) and my ingredients for making my Berry Beautiful Smoothie with my Vitamix of course ♡ .

The smoothie was created targeting radiant skin and to get that glow from within. Of course I'd be lying if I told you one smoothie is gonna make the biggest difference, but what's for sure is that your body will thank you for enriching it with all those berries and greens! 

// Snaps from the event //

It was a great experience working with Mont Blanc and Ex-R! My biggest thanks to my family and friends' continuous support on my nutrition journey. You know who you are ☼ ∞ . I hope you guys enjoyed my workshop!